Monday, August 2, 2010

37 weeks

Some people/websites I have seen say I am officially full term now. Others say 38 weeks is full term. Either way, our baby is likely to have no problems if born now, and will almost certainly not need any time in the NICU. I would be fine with her wanting to come out any day now. I only have 8 days left until hospital check in, but I would be perfectly happy if she would like to come before that. I guarantee she is big enough now. :-)

Darren is convinced she will be over 9 pounds at birth. I don't think she will be. I'm guessing 8 pounds 3 ounces. She will still be a bit early, so she can't possibly be that big! I don't know why he wishes that on me anyway. It's a bit mean. He doesn't have to deal with the consequences of a giant baby (tearing or c-section). At any rate we are really looking forward to delivery day. Before that though, I'm really looking forward to my last day of work! Only 4 days left! We have our final doctor's appointment this Thursday. I'm really hoping Darren can make it to the last one. He has been really good about making all of my appointments up to this point, but he had to move his schedule around this month and they are really short staffed, so he has been actually working a lot lately. We are having a final sonogram on Thursday and I know if he isn't there he probably won't believe me when I tell him how big they think the baby is. We'll see. It's still a couple of days away anyway. Saturday is the only day before delivery that we are both off of work, so I think we may plan a nice dinner or something. I might see about having a nice spicy dinner. Maybe it will kickstart something. :-) I will walk until my feet fall off too. I'm really hoping to avoid the c-section.

I got my paperwork all squared away at work today. I will officially be off for 12 weeks. It works out really nicely because my first day back will be November 1st, which lets me miss 3 ends of the month. That makes me very happy. Of course, my short term disability only pays me 70% of my salary for 5 weeks. I have to use vacation for the first week, and then I am supplementing the other 5 weeks with another week of vacation. Then, I have 6 weeks off work with no pay. I've been saving for a while for this, so we should be just fine. We are spending a good deal to take this trip to Oregon though. That combined with last minute baby purchases has made my bank account look sad. I guess it will continue to look sad with daycare expenditures later too. I will get used to it I suppose. That's life.

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