Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ok, you're right!

This entire pregnancy I have heard one thing over and over that has really annoyed me.  "Oh, you're due in August?  It's going to be so hard to be pregnant in the middle of the hot summer."  Every time I heard this it made me want to scream.  It's summer, in Texas, of course I'm going to be hot!  I would be hot even if I weren't pregnant.  I just did not understand why that would make any bit of difference.  Up to this point it hasn't.  I don't spend a lot of time outside, so it made no difference to me what the temperature was, except when I got in my car at the end of the workday.  Who wouldn't be hot getting into a hot car though?  Well, today I give in.  You are all right.  It figures that my last week of pregnancy would land during the hottest week of the entire year.  It's 105 degrees today, and I am definitely noticing.  I typically wear scrubs to work and they are extremely comfortable when I'm a normal size.  Now I have to wear tent scrubs.  They are huge on me, except around my stomach.  They are just awkward and uncomfortable to wear when they don't fit right, and they have been making me hotter lately.  This morning I put them on and immediately decided it wasn't going to work.  I took them off and wore jeans and a t-shirt with sandals instead.  The jeans weren't exactly cool, but they were much better than the scrubs.  We went out to lunch for a coworker's last day today, and it was extremely hot in the restaurant.  I was uncomfortable, but it would have been unbearable if I had been in scrubs.  I think I will just wear my normal clothes for the rest of the week.  It's not like I'm going in the lab this week anyway.  I'm just sitting at my desk all day dealing with paperwork.  I can't wait for this week to be over!


  1. Kelli....I can't believe you're in the final stretch! I know you (and Darren) are beyond excited and anxious to settle into your roles as new parents. I am sending you all my "well wishes" and praying for an easy delivery. You are going to be so busy with that sweet bundle of joy! You and Darren keep all your blog followers posted and don't forget to upload pics as soon as you can. Take care!

  2. :( I hope you get a bit of relief from the heat!! I can't imagine how uncomfy you must be! You're almost there!! :)