Friday, August 13, 2010

Fewer interruptions

Night number two with our daughter was better than the first. Kelli was no longer hooked up to monitors and oxygen which meant fewer people coming in to checkup on her. Thus fewer interruptions.

Natali slept very well. Just woke up twice when she was hungry. After she eats it takes a little to get her back to sleep....about 10 minutes. I "appear" to have a system of calming her down. Time will tell.

I have done all the diapers so far. Kelli has offered, but I'm much more mobile. She will likely change 3X the number of diapers over time anyway.

The Ipad is a great device for new moms. Easy to hold and use. Long battery life and small. No way Kelli could have used her Macbook the way she's using her Ipad.

Another day of hanging around the hospital. Natali is getting checked out by the Pediatrician again (2nd routine test) as well as another hearing test. Beyond that....status quo....which is a great thing.

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