Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last Post as a regular guy

Sometime Wednesday I will be able to use the saying, "As a parent,". Looking forward to it. All the new statements about life I can make, "As a parent I think it's vital to teach Republican values to your child, so they can live a full and prosperous life."

Kelli and I are very laid back. I've read a total of zero books on parenting. Well I've read, "Shit my Dad Says" and am in the middle of "Yes, You're Pregnant, but What about me?". Maybe those count.

Still not 100% positive on FMLA leave. My employer has a multipage FMLA form that literally gets passed around to 5+ departments including an in house medical staff for review. Kelli had one form and done. Of course I work for a corporation with 50,000+ employees. She has maybe 2000 total....maybe.

Looking forward to meeting my daughter. Still odd to type. Her name will be Natali Amelia XXXXXXXXXX Byrd. The second middle name will be revealed Wednesday. Not even Kelli knows. Why two middle names? Well I grew up with two middle names....that's why.

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