Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're home

Yesterday was busy. Last night in the hospital was the best. Natali is a very sound sleeper. Only waking up when we want her too for the most part.

The nurses stated we would likely be released after noon. I had to go to work to fly a Cleveland turn. That left Kelli and my mother in law to take care of things.

Kelli was a bit overwhelmed with all of the information being given from various nurses. Natali was a little jaundice. At the last minute they stated she might have to stay overnight. They gave her a blood test and the results showed she was okay to go home, but has to go back today for a checkup.

The first night at home was great. Natali slept the entire night except when we woke her up too eat. We did have to start using formula to help with the jaundice. Kelli isn't producing much milk yet. Formula as a back up.

At first I enjoyed Natali being so relaxed. Now its a bit annoying took an hour of moving, proding, talk too and walking around to wake her up. I finally had to resort to using a small piece of ice on her thigh. Even then she only stayed awake for a minute or two.

Kelli should be posting a nice long post today or tomorrow. Still fairly tired.

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