Monday, November 10, 2014

The second child

I've debated this post. It has been started and stopped several times.

When Kelli and I met we wanted zero kids. None. Nadda. We were destined to be DINKs (Dual Income No Kids).

Life was good. Then I started flight training. I began thinking about being gone for days at a time and Kelli bored at home with two dogs.

While I was living in Florida working as a flight instructor I brought up the idea of having a kid. Kelli was confused but agreeable. Thus (with two hiccups) came Natali.

Natali has changed our lives for the better. I can't imagine waking up without her. If I were asked to list the traits I would want in a child and those I'd rather not have....Natali fits my list perfectly.

She is funny, reserved, inquisitive, kind and caring. Natali doesn't take risk and doesn't care for strangers. She is an easy kid.

But what about the second child?

I've been a "one and done" person from the first day we brought Natali home. The plan was for none....then one....never two.

When the topic came up it was always "we will wait until Natali is five" as Kelli has a device implanted that last for 5 years.

Of course Natali just turned 4.

I'm still in the "one and done" camp. Kelli is not.

We've planned our lives around just one kid. Finances, house...even our cars.

Now that two of our friends have two kids each...the topic of our second kid has come up again.

Unlike some people, Kelli and I research everything we do that involves finances. We discuss and plan for anything that cost more than $50. Eating a meal outside the home is maybe a once a month affair (excluding my flying gig). We are cautious spenders. We like having a reserve...a backup plan...a "what if crap hits the fan" plan.

Kelli "ran the numbers" on a second kid and somehow made them work. Not sure where she found the extra $900 a month for a kid but she claims she did.

I'm still no. It's a difficult problem to solve as there has to be a loser and winner. I can't think of a compromise. I suppose I could offer to get a pet iguana?

Exactly 9 months until Natali turns 5. Lots of time to discuss. I really don't want to go through the sleepless nights, diapers, crying, carrying extra bags, and did I say diapers?

Maybe we should have had the second kid right away like many people do. That time has sailed though.

Just posting this to document that the topic is out there. No solution yet.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Four years later

Four years have now gone by....four years!


Time really has flown by. Natali has brought more happiness and joy to our lives than we ever thought possible. Just a quick post. As always hopefully we will post more often.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

First sleepover

Natali is almost 4. Four.

It seems the older she gets, the less we update this blog. I'd  (Darren) like to really stop that trend. This is a journal that is recording her life. I know I would love to read a journal chronicling my life.

Natali had her first official sleepover last night. Our friends Jason and Jackie volunteered to keep Natali so Kelli and I could go to a wedding. Natali has met them several times. I'd venture to say she's met them almost monthly since she was born.

They have a daughter who is almost exactly one year younger than Natali. They get along great.

Every now and then Natali can have separation anxiety. She get's really upset. We were worried...but she did fine. Almost to well as she just waved and said "Good bye Mommy and Daddy."

We picked her up the next morning and reports were she did very well. She had a little crying fit in the middle of the night. Understandable being in a new place.

Beyond that she's growing up faster than I would like. She is having a late spat of the "terrible twos". When she doesn't get her way she starts crying and screams. We haven't given in. The countdown from 5 method normally works. If not she goes into time out which works every time. We know we have it easy and are thankful for it.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Cruise Control

Natali will be 3 1/2 years old tomorrow. Crazy eh?

Every now and then I just sit back and watch her. This little girl who 3 years ago wasn't even crawling is able to feed herself, use the potty, ride a bike (with training wheels of course), use an ipad and of course say thousands of words.

Kelli and I are on cruise control. We are of course parenting....but Natali is pretty self sufficient.

It's only February but Natali has been on 4 flights.

We spent a week in Orlando, Florida with family at Disney World in January. The following weekend we spent an extended weekend in Sacramento. Natali had a lot of fun with her cousins.

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Beyond that things are good. She started in a new classroom at daycare...she is now in Preschool. Her first real school is under construction....just 70 yards from our front door.

Hopefully we will continue posting and updating more this year.