Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First real Christmas

It's been a while since I've blogged. No real excuse.

Natali is full on toddler. She hasn't had a single accident since being potty trained. She went from no interest to full on "I got this". It's nice...and strange. We still use overnight diapers, but about 75% of the time she wakes up with a dry diaper anyway.

Her shyness is slowly going away. In the past week she's come out of her shell quite a bit.

While at a grocery store the cashier handed Natali a roll of stickers. Normally Natali turns her head and hides. This time she took the stickers and said ,"thank you," to a total stranger.

Then the following weekend we went to visit friends and their house. Natali has seen the kids and parents many times...but has NEVER spoken to the parents. Natali walked in and was totally relaxed. She spoke to anyone who spoke to her and even initiated conversation.

This is technically Natalis 4th Christmas. This is the first one though that she appears to "get it".

Natali sat on Santas lap for the first time AND told him what she wanted for Christmas.....a bike.

Beyond those tidbits she has found a new cartoon to be interested in....Dora the Explorer. This is so much better than Calliou...though  I do miss Doc McStuffins.

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