Monday, December 28, 2009

6 weeks

I am 6 weeks pregnant today. I had my HCG checked last Monday and it was 3900! That is a really great number, so I was pretty happy, but over the last few days I haven't been feeling like things were going well. It was just a lot of panicked thoughts. I wasn't too excited for my doctor's appointment this morning, thinking things weren't going well. I wasn't sure what the doctor was going to do. She ended up wanting to do an ultrasound, which had me even more worried. I have never had a good ultrasound. I've never made it far enough to see a heartbeat and I wasn't sure this time if I was far enough along to see one. However, things look great! There was a heartbeat and it looked and sounded perfect! I am very relieved. That's another hurdle passed. I am still nervous, but feeling a bit better about it all. I go back in for another ultrasound on the 13th, so hopefully everything still looks good. I will probably start panicking again in a few days or so. I probably won't feel totally fine until after the first trimester, only another 6 weeks to go! Here is a picture they made from the ultrasound today. There isn't much to see, but I thought I'd add it anyway.


Monday, December 21, 2009

5 weeks

I am exactly 5 weeks pregnant today. I have been trying to pretend like I'm not pregnant for the last several days. I didn't want to get my hopes up too high. I am still trying not to get my hopes up, but I get a glimmer of hope today. I had my blood drawn a 2nd time last Thursday and got a call with the results today. My HCG had risen to 560, which means a doubling time of 1.3 days. I actually found a website to calculate it. :) That is very good news. My doctor wanted to check my levels every 3 days until they reach 1500, so they were well on their way last week. I had my blood drawn again today. By my calculations I should be at the very least 2250 today, but probably more in the 3000-4000 range based on my previous doubling time. If they are that high it would be really excellent news. I'm anxiously awaiting those results. Hopefully I will hear tomorrow, if not then Wednesday. I am now on my 7th day of Lovenox injections. It has been pretty easy to do. I have several tiny bruises, but they aren't really much at all. As far as other symptoms go, I haven't been really sick. I feel a bit off when I eat sometimes, but I haven't wanted to throw up at all. I am extremely exhausted though, and I get dizzy once in a while. My boobs also constantly hurt, so I guess those are all good signs. Its just a big waiting game now. It will be really nice to see a heartbeat on an ultrasound. I'm not sure when that will happen, but hopefully within the next couple of weeks. I see the doctor for the 1st time next Monday and I will definitely discuss it with her.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I got a positive pregnancy test on Sunday afternoon. It was a bit of a shock actually because I really didn't think I was pregnant this month. I wasn't even going to take the test, but decided to for whatever reason. I took another one the next morning just to be on the safe side. :) So, now the fun begins. I called the doctor on Monday morning and made an appointment for the 28th. I couldn't get one before that. I don't really need it though. What I really needed was the Lovenox prescription. That's the injectable blood thinner I have to be on for this to hopefully work. My doctor wanted to do a blood test first to confirm the pregnancy and get a baseline on my hormone levels. I had my blood drawn Monday afternoon and got the results today. The nurse called and told me my progesterone levels are very high, so that's great news. Then she said the HCG level is a bit low, 117, but that is probably because its so early in the pregnancy. At this point I choose to believe that. I have to get my HCG levels checked every three days now until they reach at least 1500. So, I go back on Thursday for another blood draw. Here's hoping it is at least 500 by then. That's what it should be by my calculations. I'm trying not to get too hung up on that number though.

Today I got my blood thinner prescription filled and then drove up to the doctor's office to get an injection lesson. The syringes are pre-filled and the needles are really small, so its extremely easy. The nurse said I did a great job for my first time and it didn't hurt at all. I was pleasantly surprised because I have been dreading this part. I can do this for 9 months without a problem, so that's one less thing to worry about. I'm trying to remain optimistic about this pregnancy, but its still hard. I just keep thinking its going to end badly again. I guess time will tell. There is no use in worrying about it.

If everything works out correctly my due date (according to the internet) is August 23rd. Of course, I will be induced at least 2 weeks prior to that time, so the baby will most likely be born in the first week of August. I really hope the third time is the charm!