Monday, December 28, 2009

6 weeks

I am 6 weeks pregnant today. I had my HCG checked last Monday and it was 3900! That is a really great number, so I was pretty happy, but over the last few days I haven't been feeling like things were going well. It was just a lot of panicked thoughts. I wasn't too excited for my doctor's appointment this morning, thinking things weren't going well. I wasn't sure what the doctor was going to do. She ended up wanting to do an ultrasound, which had me even more worried. I have never had a good ultrasound. I've never made it far enough to see a heartbeat and I wasn't sure this time if I was far enough along to see one. However, things look great! There was a heartbeat and it looked and sounded perfect! I am very relieved. That's another hurdle passed. I am still nervous, but feeling a bit better about it all. I go back in for another ultrasound on the 13th, so hopefully everything still looks good. I will probably start panicking again in a few days or so. I probably won't feel totally fine until after the first trimester, only another 6 weeks to go! Here is a picture they made from the ultrasound today. There isn't much to see, but I thought I'd add it anyway.


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