Tuesday, April 25, 2017

We're home

Shelbi Cooper Lorelei Byrd was born on April 18th at 8:11 AM. Ironically her sister was born on 8/11/10. Numbers.

Shelbi and Natali were almost the exact same size. Shelbi was 7 pounds 9 ounces and 19.5 inches. Natali was 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches.

Both were great babies but Shelbi appears to be much more relaxed. Shelbi rarely gets fussy beyond moving her legs for a diaper changer. Additionally Shelbi is eating MUCH MUCH better than Natali.

Natali never took more than 4 ounces...ever. Shelbi gulps down 2 ounces and wants more. A week in and she had a 4 ounce bottle for breakfast. Shelbi is almost much stronger than Natali was. Shelbi is able to pick up her head and turn it...at less than a week.

The time in the hospital wasn't horrible. The C-section lasted much longer than last time. There was a lot more scar tissue to deal with. For those new this was our 5th pregnancy but only second child.

After Shelbi was resting on Kelli's chest the Doctor went to work putting Kelli back together. Apparently it was bad as the Doctor jokingly remarked that it was a "hot mess" down there. Organs were fused together that shouldn't be.

The recovery for Kelli has been swift. She WALKED out of the hospital 4 days after birth. We were able to be out and about on day 5.

People constantly remarked how "brave" and "strong" Kelli is for being out WITH a newborn less than a week after birth. Is this odd? Bleh.

I will do my best to keep updating. While I love having a new daughter, I'm worn out from having to start all....over....again.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Final Stretch

It's funny how little Kelli cares to blog about the second kid. The was all in the first time. This time shes a bit less intense about the pregnancy.

She's passed the 30 week mark. Things are going mostly well. She's been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes...so there's that.

We are still deciding on a name. Whatever it is the name must not be found on personalized items in a gift shop. Natali, Darren and Kelli are all rare....the next kid can't feel special.

Tomorrow we are taking delivery of a "family" car. Right now we have a BMW I3 and a Nissan LEAF. The LEAF goes back soon. Kelli is upgrading to a Tesla Model X. Photos to come.