Monday, June 25, 2012

Another flight done

Natali racked up a few more flights this month.

We took a quick family trip to Disneyland. One of the perks of working for an travel.

This was Natali's second trip to Disneyland. Her first was when she was just 3 months old.

Natali was able to actually enjoy the rides this time. She has a "It's a Small World" app on her Ipad along with LOTS of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes. She was very ready for the trip.

She saw Mickey Mouse as soon as we walked into the park. Her eyes locked on him. The line was too long to see Mickey that time, but we did get a photo the next day with him.

Our first ride was indeed "It's a Small World". Natali was all glassy eyed the entire ride. Her head shifted left, right up and down during the ride taking it all in. It was a neat feeling seeing her smile with glee.

In addition to Disneyland Natali was able to play with some of her cousins. Her cousins are 6,5 and 3 so they aren't too far away from Natali's age.

The second day was spent at California Adventure. We all went to see a live action play featuring Disney Cartoons. When Natali heard the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song she got very excited. Seeing the life size puppets of Mickey Mouse and the gang made her even happier.

Getting home was interesting. The direct flight from LAX to DFW was full. I could of course jump seat...but not Kelli and Natali. It complicated things since we checked bags. When we check at least one of us must go with the bags.

I first planned on Kelli and Natali going LAX-DEN-DFW.  I would go direct LAX-DFW and meet them at the airport. On the way to LAX (at 3:30AM!) that routing turned bad. I had Kelli find a new way. The new way was LAX-AUS-DFW. I then decided we would all go together.

Well the first flight departed an hour late which made us miss the connecting flight. Thankfully there were just enough cabin seats for them on the next AUS-DFW flight as I had to take a seat in the cockpit. There were no window seats available. This was an issue as child seats MUST not block access to an aisle...thus are normally stationed at windows. This meant Natali had to sit in a regular seat.

Kelli said it freaked Natali out a bit at first. Thankfully it was a short flight.

It's hard to believe Natali is almost two years old. In addition to another year on this earth...we will soon be forced into paying for her more often as many activities are free for 2 and under! Ha.

I've lost track of how many flights Natali has been on...pretty sure it's over 50.

Finally photos from the trip.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zoos make great places to wear out kids

We have a family membership to the Dallas Zoo. Natali and I go about once a week. Free parking + Free addmission + Lots of walking = great for the both of us.

Natali knows many of the animals names. It's huge zoo so we don't always get to the whole zoo each time. If you live close to a big zoo and have a toddler I highly recommend a membership!

Natali had a first swim lesson yesterday. She has been in a big pool a few times, most notably while in Hawaii. She has a smaller pool here that she plays in often.

At the swim center she was terrified. I think it was mostly all the strange faces. Natali was THE screamer. The only screamer in the group of about 7 toddlers. Kelli was in the pool with Natali.

Natali screamed for most of the 30 minute session. There were moments of happiness...then she saw me....and screamed more. She alternated between screaming "all done! all done!" and "outside! outside!". The pool was indoors.

She will have to continue screaming as Kelli signed Natali up for weekly lessons through the end of August.

Finally a few recent photos from the zoo and her swimming lesson.

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