Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zoos make great places to wear out kids

We have a family membership to the Dallas Zoo. Natali and I go about once a week. Free parking + Free addmission + Lots of walking = great for the both of us.

Natali knows many of the animals names. It's huge zoo so we don't always get to the whole zoo each time. If you live close to a big zoo and have a toddler I highly recommend a membership!

Natali had a first swim lesson yesterday. She has been in a big pool a few times, most notably while in Hawaii. She has a smaller pool here that she plays in often.

At the swim center she was terrified. I think it was mostly all the strange faces. Natali was THE screamer. The only screamer in the group of about 7 toddlers. Kelli was in the pool with Natali.

Natali screamed for most of the 30 minute session. There were moments of happiness...then she saw me....and screamed more. She alternated between screaming "all done! all done!" and "outside! outside!". The pool was indoors.

She will have to continue screaming as Kelli signed Natali up for weekly lessons through the end of August.

Finally a few recent photos from the zoo and her swimming lesson.

[nggallery id=55]


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