Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not always easy

A good friend of mine is a single mother of a newborn. She is going through of one of the things I fear. Low/no money while having to take care of a kid. I can eat on crap food from McDonalds if we ever get low on money. Babies have no teeth. Here is a small portion of her blog over at

I’ve learned what it means to go to bed hungry – and not just because I’m on a starvation diet again! :P I’ve learned how to set a budget for meals for myself for under $10 a week. Sure, it’s not the healthiest of food, but it works…
It’s painful to fill up my car, even though I have a much more economical gas tank now than with my truck… it makes me sigh every time I withdraw money for daycare… I now make sure I have at least 3 giant cans of formula in the house (using the coupons the formula companies send it’s almost affordable) to ensure that my son is well fed… but it still makes me sigh when I have to buy it… I’ve switched to Luvs diapers (they really ARE just as good as the expensive brands and do work just as well…), I switched my dog and cats to a cheaper brand of food – they are doing just fine on it… I no longer have internet access or tv service in my house… (I pilfer wireless signals from neighbours when needed…)… a good friend sends me the clothes her son outgrows so I can hold off buying clothes for a bit…

I always have backup plans. I have them when it's not even needed. It's part of who I am. I like being in control....the first two tries at having a kid showed me I can't control everything.

Friday, April 24, 2009


We are still hanging out. Kelli is all in. I am pretty in. What's the hold up? Well me. I really like our lifestyle. Being able to wake up on a Saturday morning and have one of us say, "hey let's go to the Atlanta," and then GO to Atlanta is fun. I like being free. I don't care much for Kelli's dogs. They are hers. I let them outside and give them water. Beyond that I am free from making sure they stay alive.

People who have kids always say it's different when it's YOUR kid. Apparently when one has a kid their lives become better. I'm very skeptical. People who have kids HAVE to say that. They can't say, "oh god this sucks. I hate that we had a kid!" I mean it's the same reason no one says "my baby is ugly," even if it really is ugly. No one can say their baby is ugly.

Will we have a kid? Don't know. I am waffling. Unlike a lease, once you have a kid it's yours for the next 18 years. Maybe someone should start a kid leasing business. Hmmm....I bet there is a law against it. Damn the man.

Kelli is very understanding of my feelings. Two years ago I was gung ho. After the first loss I was torn apart. We had an "oops" and got pregnant again. The loss after that one was worse than the first. I was really scared off having a kid.

Since then Kelli had been put on a regimen of pills and tonics. Ok no tonics...but pills and everything *should* be okay. But what if it's not? No one can say it will be okay....because they don't know. Of course one won't know if they don't try. Waffling.

How long will I waffle? Well this website is paid up through May 2010. If we decide to go for it there will be a post. If we call everything off....then this website will cease to exist.

Till something happens I welcome you to enjoy the antics of our other fine websites, and