Friday, April 24, 2009


We are still hanging out. Kelli is all in. I am pretty in. What's the hold up? Well me. I really like our lifestyle. Being able to wake up on a Saturday morning and have one of us say, "hey let's go to the Atlanta," and then GO to Atlanta is fun. I like being free. I don't care much for Kelli's dogs. They are hers. I let them outside and give them water. Beyond that I am free from making sure they stay alive.

People who have kids always say it's different when it's YOUR kid. Apparently when one has a kid their lives become better. I'm very skeptical. People who have kids HAVE to say that. They can't say, "oh god this sucks. I hate that we had a kid!" I mean it's the same reason no one says "my baby is ugly," even if it really is ugly. No one can say their baby is ugly.

Will we have a kid? Don't know. I am waffling. Unlike a lease, once you have a kid it's yours for the next 18 years. Maybe someone should start a kid leasing business. Hmmm....I bet there is a law against it. Damn the man.

Kelli is very understanding of my feelings. Two years ago I was gung ho. After the first loss I was torn apart. We had an "oops" and got pregnant again. The loss after that one was worse than the first. I was really scared off having a kid.

Since then Kelli had been put on a regimen of pills and tonics. Ok no tonics...but pills and everything *should* be okay. But what if it's not? No one can say it will be okay....because they don't know. Of course one won't know if they don't try. Waffling.

How long will I waffle? Well this website is paid up through May 2010. If we decide to go for it there will be a post. If we call everything off....then this website will cease to exist.

Till something happens I welcome you to enjoy the antics of our other fine websites, and

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