Monday, February 10, 2014

Cruise Control

Natali will be 3 1/2 years old tomorrow. Crazy eh?

Every now and then I just sit back and watch her. This little girl who 3 years ago wasn't even crawling is able to feed herself, use the potty, ride a bike (with training wheels of course), use an ipad and of course say thousands of words.

Kelli and I are on cruise control. We are of course parenting....but Natali is pretty self sufficient.

It's only February but Natali has been on 4 flights.

We spent a week in Orlando, Florida with family at Disney World in January. The following weekend we spent an extended weekend in Sacramento. Natali had a lot of fun with her cousins.

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Beyond that things are good. She started in a new classroom at daycare...she is now in Preschool. Her first real school is under construction....just 70 yards from our front door.

Hopefully we will continue posting and updating more this year.




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