Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 3

Natali is 2 days old as of 20 minutes ago.

Sleeps a lot.  Cries very little. Stretches a lot.

She spent a good deal of time on my lap as I played on my computer.

Kelli is more mobile. No more IV's, or anything else. Showered and is wearing normal clothes. On pain meds. Having a problem with bowel movements and gas. Hasn't eaten much. She's looking forward to going home tomorrow.

Today was another amazing day.

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  1. The tummy stuff was the worst for me :(
    I hope your tummy feels better Kelli!

    PS! Your sprout is delicious!!!! Wish we could visit NOW! (not sure you'd love us for sharing our cold germs with your newbie though)

  2. CONGRATS! Our 3rd baby girl is 5 weeks old tomorrow, so I can totally relate to the BM issues. Stay on top of it or you will REALLY REALLY regret it! (Yep, I messed up there and then it was too late. Childbirth was a cakewalk compared to the stomach pain a week later!) Drink TONS of water and take the laxatives they prescribe.

    You never did say how much she weighed?!