Friday, August 20, 2010

Out and about with Natali

We took Natali out for the first time on Wednesday, when she was a week old.  We walked around the mall for a bit and then we stopped for frozen yogurt at a new place called "Yogurt Story".  It's no Big Spoon (in Sacramento), but it was pretty good.  They have a yogurt flavor called "red velvet cake" that's probably the best flavor I have ever had. :)  Thursday we went out again.  We had Sweet Tomatoes for lunch then did a quick trip to Kohl's so Darren could pick up a couple of things for himself before our trip to Oregon.  Natali was excellent on all of these trips.  On Wednesday she slept through the entire trip, from the car ride, through the mall, and at the yogurt place.  She didn't wake up until we got home again.  Thursday she slept through the car ride and lunch, and then woke up when we were in Kohl's.  I took her into the bathroom to change her diaper and then she decided she was hungry so I sat in there for a few minutes to feed her a bottle.  That's where the comments started.

While I was in the bathroom a couple of women came in.  The first 2 were very nice and made some sweet comments about Natali, but the third lady made a rude comment about me taking my baby out when she was so young.  Now, I'm not a perfect parent.  I don't claim to be, and I would never make judgmental comments about another person's parenting skills.  Well, I take that back.  I have made some comments when I see blatant bad parenting such as babies not in car seats, or the stupid parents letting their kids do whatever they want while they pay absolutely no attention.  I am very judgmental of the girls on "Teen Mom" (I love that train wreck).  Anyway, I really don't understand why people feel so strongly against taking a baby out of the house.  Do you expect me to be a hermit for 2 months?  I would go crazy.  Darren and I would never put our baby in a situation that could harm her, and we don't believe going out in public will harm her.  First, she was never even out of her car seat until the moment in Kohl's.  Second, strangers were not touching her or getting near her to spread their germs.  Third, its the middle of August and its not cold and flu season so there's less risk.  Natali is healthy and happy and I don't see what the big deal is.  What is the accepted age to take a baby out anyway?  I have heard 2 weeks, but what's the difference?  It's not like she has had any vaccinations by then.  I don't think her immunity is any different between 1 week and 2 weeks.  She is supposed to go to the doctor at 2 weeks.  It seems to me she is more likely to get sick from the actual sick people at the doctor's office than from just being out in public.

Anyway, being out was a good test for us since we are planning on taking Natali on a plane ride tomorrow (gasp!).  Let the judgmental people have a field day with that one.  We are really looking forward to our trip and are very excited for the family to meet our sweet baby.  We have planned our travel tomorrow very carefully so everything goes without a hitch.  We are seasoned flyers, but not with a baby.  We don't like to be stressed about things, so we have talked over what we are going to do very carefully.  Hopefully it all goes smoothly.  So far Natali has been an excellent traveler, so I expect this plane ride to be pretty easy.  She could surprise us, but I don't think she will.

In other news, I have lost 14 pounds in just over a week.  If only the rest would come off that easily.  I think I may lose another 5 or so this easily, but the rest will take some work.  I currently have about 20 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I also have just over 10 weeks left before I go back to work.  I'm hoping to lose at least 15 more pounds by then.  I can't do any exercise for another week, and then only walking.  I can start more serious exercise again when Natali is a month old.

Darren has decided to use his FMLA leave when I go back to work.  I am going back on November 1st, and then he wants to stay home through the end of the year.  That means Natali will be able to stay out of daycare until she is about 5 months old.  We are very lucky to be able to do this.  I made sure it was what Darren wanted to do, and he said he did.  It was his idea.  He is an amazing father, and I am extremely lucky to have him. :)  He will be an excellent stay at home dad!


  1. You don't have to justify anything to nosy-people!!
    T'ain't none of their business if you're taking your one week old out to the mall or on a plane or hiking up Mt Kilimanjaro.
    I suggest the following: to quote my gran "I have two words for you, the second one is "off"..."
    But I'm just feisty like that :)

    Good luck on losing weight, you can do it!!
    Keeping Natali out of daycare that long is great! She may still get sick - babies get colds and sniffles, but it'll be great for her to have her adoring dad caring for her!

  2. For the record Darren is now officially really one of my favorite non-related to me males...
    Kelli - you have always are my favorite sister of a "favorite"!! Ha! :-)
    People need to mind their own damn business...if you were holding Natali and say smoking YES...if it was 30 degrees out and you were walking outside all dresswed warm with her in a onesy MAYBE...if you were beating her YES!