Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Drugs are In

Long day. Both are pretty tired. Lack of sleep does that.

Peggy, my mother in law.....Kelli's mom of course, stopped by for a bit. She noted how different things are than they were when she had her four kids. I still can't believe how manual it all is. The waiting....even with the drugs to help get things going....annoys me.

Kelli hasn't eaten since last night. I would be going nucking futs right now without eating. I feel bad when I have to eat. Eh.

The contractions got pretty intense for a while. Kelli started the morning with a 3 or 4 pain level. Around 11:30 it rose to 7. We were waiting for her Doctor to stop by and examine her prior to the epidural. After about an hour the nurse examined her and then the Doctor authorized the epidural. I felt pretty helpless seeing Kelli in pain and not being able to do anything. Not a situation I wish to repeat.

Around 1PM the epidural was started. Kelli's pain went away. She's much happier now.

Her mom went home. I got lunch and stopped by the house for a minute to grab her chapstick, reboot the server and grab a cable I need. It's VERY nice having the hospital just 1.8 miles from our house.

Now the waiting continues. Her Doctor stated if Kelli isn't ready by will be slice and dice time....yeah C-section. Right now we are hoping for a normal delivery.

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