Thursday, August 12, 2010

The First Night

We didn't sleep well our 1st night in the hospital. Both of us were full of adrenaline and I was on a horrible chair/bed.

Last night wasn't much better.

Moved to a different room. Natali is extremely quiet. Crying only just enough to let you know she can. I find it ironic the nurses say rest up and get sleep, but every hour or so some random nurse/assistant is coming to check on Natali or Kelli. Kelli is attached to an oxygen monitor. If she lays wrong and reduces her intake an alarm sounds. Then someone comes in.

One bright spot. We got a wonderful flower delivery yesterday from a friend of Kelli's from Alaska. Shelbi and Kelli "met" via an online message board concerning the issues Kelli had with blood clotting. Amazing how technology connects people thousands of miles away. Another reason I love having a blog.

So yeah we didn't sleep much. Not due to Natali. She didn't cry much at all.

Sometime during the night I earned my "brown" badge. First poopy diaper. I changed it quickly as it was a means to an end meaning me going back to sleep on a bigger...but still more uncomfortable chair/bed.

It's 7:18AM. Kelli is nursing. The first breast feeding went very well. The second not so much. Third eh. Fourth pretty good. I think this is the fifth. Going well.

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