Sunday, August 8, 2010


So every week I think of a new name for the thing hanging out in Kelli's uterus. The B word will never be a name. Check back each week for the new name. My weeks don't coincide with the number of weeks it's been hanging out but to the number of weeks I've known it was in there.

Week One - Offspring

Week Two - Money Pit

Week Three - Parasite

Week Four - B-Pain (for Breast Pain)

Week Five - Chastity (not a nice name)

Week Six - Energy Sucker

Week Seven - Up Chucker

Week Eight - I-Mixed (Apple I-Pad came out last week)

Week Nine - Anti-Coupe

Week Ten - Elasticity

Week Eleven - Arbez (read it backwards)

Week Twelve - The Thing in Kelli's belly

Week Thirteen - Moombassa - a little late...for Black History Month

Week Fourteen - Spore

Week Fifteen - Bon BeBe

Week Sixteen - Forty Two

Week Seventeen - Fluffy

Week Eighteen - Bumpin'

Week Nineteen - Mookie

Week Twenty - Fooderator

Week Twentyone - Blackjacqueline (cause it's 21)

Week Twenty two - HoldOnIGottaPee

Week Twenty Three - NoMoFlyin' - Kelli has been grounded till August

Week Twenty Four- Penelope

Week Twenty Five - Sugarbaby

Week Twenty Six - Dijon

Week Twenty Seven - Rib Kicker

Week Twenty Eight - Avantika - Indian for Princess

Week Twenty Nine - Helvetica

Week Thirty - Lil'Firecracker (July 4th!)

Week Thirty One -Vuvuzela

Week Thirty Two - Thunder down under

Week Thirty Three - Funky Cold Medina

Week Thirty Four - Serendipity

Week Thirty Five - Natali


  1. Week 5 is funny. . .sorry but it is!

  2. 42? Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
    Profound man, profound...