Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In the hospital

The waiting game has begun.

We checked in last night at 8PM. Initially Kelli was going to stay here by herself and I would join her the next morning. I changed my mind. Decided to stick around. Eh.

She took an Ambein to help sleep. Didn't work. She slept very little. I tried to sleep but the bed for men....not comfy. It's a small chair the expands out to a bed. Eh.

This morning we were both awake around 5AM. I left to get coffee and told Kelli to not have the baby while I was gone. She complied.

Around 7AM her Doctor arrived, examined her and then broke her water. I turned my head for that event and every changing of the pads after that.

Felt bad eating in front of Kelli as she can't eat till it's over.

It's now 11:45AM. Contractions about every 2 minutes. Only 1 CM at 7AM. Will be getting checked again shortly.

We have plenty of tech to keep up busy. Two Ipads, Macbook Pro, Two Nexus One smartphones and one Zune.

One thing about being preggo. Ya kinda have to give up your privacy. It's only one nurse and her doctor. The nurse is extremely nice and helpful, but I couldn't be preggo. Having someone "take a look" under my gown every now and then. Eh.

Next update when something changes.

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  1. I am amused she was playing words with friends between contractions!