Friday, July 30, 2010


I've built a crib, bassinet and now a swing bed thingy. Natali is going to have more places to rest than me!

I love Kelli likes We are "Prime" members meaning we get unlimited free 2 day shipping and $3.99 per item NEXT DAY shipping. We get deliveries weekly. I order everything from Gilette Fusion 5 razors on sale for $3 (Free shipping!) to computer cases to headphones (cheap $2 per pair so when I break them I don't cry) to socks. Yes socks.

We ventured into Babies R' Us the other day to look at a few items and get an idea on everything else we needed. I brought along my Ipad and loaded up One great perk of is that many items have several user reviews. I'm HUGE on researching products prior to buying. Amazon makes it easy. We walked up and down the aisle with cradle swings. We found one we liked that was $159.99 at in store while just $111 on Amazon. Free shipping. The unit had good reviews so we bought it. On Amazon.

Amazon has really good "subscribe and save" deals. Once we get an idea on diaper use, we can set diapers up on a subscription. As long as they are cheaper than our local's a no brainer. Diapers delivered as we use them.

I think I am done building stuff. I think. Less than 2 weeks. It's getting real. Looking forward to filling this vacancy!

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