Monday, July 26, 2010

36 weeks

I don't have anything new to post really.  It's all just a waiting game now.  The countdown is on.  I have 15 days until I got into the hospital and (hopefully) 16 days until our baby arrives!  I am uncomfortable and ready for it to be over, but I can wait out the 15 days.  It will all go really quickly.

I had my group B strep test at my appointment last week, so I will get those results this Thursday.  If it's positive I will just have to have antibiotics during delivery.  Apparently it's pretty common, so nothing to be concerned about.  My appointment this week is just a check up, so I'm sure there will be nothing eventful to report about that either.  I know this is a pretty boring post, but I already put a lot in my last post and I don't really have anything to add this week.  There will be several posts when we go into the hospital I'm sure.  There won't be much else going on while we are sitting in the hospital room and waiting for a very long time.  Maybe Darren will let me play some Words with Friends?  I can only hope. :)

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