Monday, July 5, 2010

33 weeks

I know I missed a week.  I am reminded every day by my dear husband.  He can be really annoying about it.  I wish he would stop bugging me and make a post himself rather than just update his stupid "names" post every week.  Surely he has something to say.  He never seems to be at a loss for words in any other situation.  I am not really the blogger in the family anyway.  I haven't updated my own personal site in a year.

Anyway, the baby shower was a lot of fun!  Thanks so much to Jami, Kelly, Jessi, and mom for doing so much for me while you were all here!  I got a lot of wonderful things.  Mom and Jessi helped me open everything and put it all together and organize the baby room.  They even washed and put away all of the clothes I received.  Of course, now that its all put away I realize how much stuff we still need to get in the next few weeks.  I'm kind of holding off on getting the rest of the stuff in case I get anymore random presents.  I'm absolutely not soliciting for free stuff or anything.  I am just going to wait and see if there are any last minute gifts that come in.  We are pretty prepared with what we have already.  Of course, I don't have bottles, or any newborn clothes or diapers.  We aren't sure if we will need the newborn stuff, so I didn't expect anyone to get me things in that size.  I guess that will be a last minute decision once we see how big she is.  If we have to do newborn sizes I  think we won't be in them very long.

We are scheduled for a sonogram on Wednesday afternoon, just to check on her growth again.  I'm sure she will be at least 5.5 pounds by now since its been a month since the last one and she was about 3.5 pounds then. We'll see.  Coming up this Saturday we have a labor and delivery tour.  I'm looking forward to it.  My hospital has a really nice women's center and all the rooms and really big and private.  Of course, we have been there twice before under not good conditions (2 D&Cs).  We didn't really enjoy those experiences, so I'm looking forward to visiting under happy conditions.  Then, on Sunday I have that really long breastfeeding class.  I'm honestly not looking forward to that.  It will be very helpful and beneficial information, but it just seems so long.  Hopefully it holds my attention.  I'm hoping they will touch on pumping and using bottles too.  I know for a fact I will be doing some pumping and bottle feeding just because its more convenient at certain times and I'd really like some advice on bottles.  I have bottles on my registry that my sister suggested, but I never really asked her why she likes those.  There seem to be so many out there and I'm not sure of the differences.  Its just another thing I will need to figure out this month.

In 2 weeks I have a big meeting scheduled with my doctor to schedule a delivery day.  We are going to do the induction and see what happens.  I'm hopeful it will work, but I'm expecting to end up with a c-section in the end.  I figure if I expect that then I won't be disappointed when it does happen and I will be pleasantly surprised if I don't need one.  Either way I will end up with a baby, so it doesn't matter.  I only have 5 weeks left of work before delivery day!  I'm looking forward to my extended time off.  Of course, We still haven't found a daycare, so that's on the agenda to get figured out soon as well.  I will be calling a few more this week.

In other good news, I have been a bit worried thinking I would need to stress over picking a pediatrician too.  I have a friend who said she interviewed about 8 different doctors before picking one.  I had no idea people did that!  Its not something I wanted to do and I had no clue where to start.  I figured you just pick one and if you don't like them you try someone else.  Well, it turns out I don't really need to do that anyway.  My doctor asked me about it and when I told her I have no clue she gave me a list of 3 doctors that she recommends for us.  She said she likes to recommend pediatricians based on the personality of her patients.  She knows us well and I trust her completely, so I will go with her recommendation.  Have I mentioned I love my doctor? :)

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