Sunday, July 18, 2010

Almost there

The males role in the journey to parenthood is more delayed than the female. I'm there for the beginning....then take the bench while she does all the work. Not a whole lot for me to do beyond build the baby furniture, move heavy stuff and be there to get things that are out of reach. Beyond that...I'm just sitting on the bench.

I'm pretty sure Kelli is only going to be up for one kiddo. That's all I want. Yeah, yeah , yeah a few years ago we said ZERO kids. Bleh. I am 100% willing to get snipped the same day the baby comes out. Previously I was against me getting snipped. Nah. Kids cost money. Kelli makes a lot. I make a little. Together we make enough for one. Kelli isn't so keen on me getting cut right away. Hmmm.

The closer we get to 'B' day (birth day) the more Kelli is watching pregnancy shows. A ton of them. We have a 52 inch HDTV. Seeing a goo covered baby (and associated woman parts) in 1080P is...yuck. I have zero desire to see this. I don't want the first sight of my daughter to be one covered in goo. I don't do goo. I don't handle other peoples' blood well. I can handle my own I have bonded with it. Maybe I will handle blood from my daughter as it's part of me. Maybe. Anyways I can't wait for B day as hopefully the preggo shows will stop. Of course soon I will be cursing Dora.

Looking forward I see the following to get done:

- Keep the dogs from barking when the garage door is opened

- Some kind of carpet/rug for the living room

- Seat covers for our cars...I've seen what my nieces of done to my in laws cars

- Camera system for baby room

- Gas mask and hazmat gloves.

- Puke bags

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