Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Her first flying lesson

November 30, 2010....the day I can no longer turn my back on Natali.

First...last night was great. Put her to bed at 10:30PM. I woke up twice due to the sounds of her kicking around in her crib (she is in her own room, heard it on the monitor). She never cried though...she is just an "active" sleeper. At 5:20AM she was kicking a lot and her eyes were open. She slept for almost 7 hours. Good enough for me.

I made a bottle. Changed her diaper. She then took in her customary 3 ounces and stopped. Fine. Then she decided it was a great time to dirty up the diaper.

After I changed it I wanted to wash my hands. I've become used to being able to leave her on the changing table (really just a small dresser with a curved changing pad on top) for a few seconds.

As I was washing my hands I thought, "this won't last much longer as she will soon be rolling over". Then I heard it....the sound of a baby falling to the floor.

I screamed, "oh god no!" and turned back into the room (the restroom is adjacent to her room) to see her on the carpet between the trashcan and the dresser. Kelli came rushing in from the kitchen. Natali wasn't crying till she saw me. I picked her up and checked her over. No marks or cuts. She screamed for about 15 seconds and relaxed. No harm/no foul. This time. I was a bit shaken up. I fed her the rest of her bottle while squeezing every part of her body. She was fine. Her hard head (came from my DNA) and the extra thick carpet pad (which is as thick as new since that room got very little use till now) saved the day.

Kelli reminded me that my sister in law dropped my niece on a hard floor when she was just 1 month old. My niece is fine. Babies are much tougher than people give them credit for.

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