Monday, November 15, 2010

Being a smart ass is hereditary

Apparently being a smart ass is hereditary.

Natali was having a mini crying fit over the weekend. No matter what I did she squirmed and cried. I handed her off the Kelli. Natali immediately stopped crying, looked back at me and smirked...then giggled and squirmed happily. Nice.

Natali is about an inch away from out growing her car seat. Another month or so...maybe. We borrowed a very nice Britax seat from Eric and Angela. Still need one more.

We have looked at Buy, Buy, Baby for a car seat. They have a nice selection and are very helpful. They had a very nice Sunshine Kids model that folds into a back pack for easy transport....but its still heavy. They also had a Britax model we liked....for $330.

I frequent a site called I have found several awesome deals. All the deals are found by users. There are deals on everything from coffee to diapers to name it. This weekend some user posted a deal from on car seats. Britax car seats. The deal was for 45% off. It was a mistake that allowed two discount codes to be used for the same purchase. We paid $180 for a $330 car shipping. A steal!

We have narrowed down our stroller choices to either a City Mini or a Peg Perego Vela. Both around $200. Both are lightweight and compact for easy airline travel. We will pull the trigger in the next month or so.

Natali is progressing nicely. Still not reaching for things, but will play with a toy if we put it in her hand. She is also much more aware of the relationship between her hand, pacifier and mouth. She will try to put it back in if it falls out. Hasn't been able to do it yet though.

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