Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Either way....she doesn't sleep a lot during the day

Natali and I are bonding. Lots of funny faces back and forth. After a few minutes though she gives me the, "Yeah okay I get it, NEXT" look.

She doesn't sleep much during the day. Normally we watch Headline News till around 7:30AM. She then sleeps till around 9:30AM. Takes a bottle, watches a video podcast or two then back to sleep around noon till about 1PM...sometimes. She is then up until 3:50PM when Kelli gets home. Natali visits with Kelli and then is OUT for hours.

I joked with Kelli that Natali doesn't sleep much during the day because:

A. She REALLY likes me being around

B. She is thinking, "No way I'm falling asleep around this guy, he is clueless and might kill me"

C. She's taking every moment in as she doesn't know when I will be leaving again

Either way...she doesn't sleep a lot during the day.

This week it seems like the highlight of my day is the dirty diaper....and guessing when it will come. On bath days I fear her "letting it out" during the bath. So far it hasn't happened.

We did learn a new game today. I poke my finger above and below her lips. She tries to catch it. Eventually she will grasp my hand with her hands and latches onto my finger. We both squirm with delight (don't judge...I can squirm!) and play again.

She's been sleeping in her crib more....which is a good her bassinet is getting a little small.

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