Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seeing in the dark

Natali slept in her crib for the first time last night. Pretty good overall.

She had a 5 ounce (still won't take more than that :-\ ) at 10PM. Fell asleep right away.

I put her down on her back at 10:20PM. Just a night gown and light blanket over her legs.

The night vision camera that was watching part of the hallway (pretty useless as 2 other cameras cover the same area) is now watching Natali.

[singlepic id=110 w=320 h=240 mode=watermark float=center]

With the recent update for the Ipad, it's much easier to view the cameras without having to retype the password. I set my bedside computer up to have the Natali camera front and center. I then turned the monitor off and the baby audio monitor up. Since I am a little paranoid about having a blanket on her I turned the baby monitor motion sensor on as well.

She was quiet until 2:21AM. She was "calling" me.

Natali was very fussy. Unusually so. I checked her diaper (now a nighttime diaper for overnights). It was fine. I figured she might just be cold.

I swaddled her up (love the magic swaddling's a no brainer) and put a sock cap on her head. Happy again. She was sleep in a few minutes.

She then slept all the way until 6AM. I figure she might have slept the whole night if she had not been cold.

This morning at 6AM she had her bottle and diaper change, followed by a dirty diaper (I swear she waits till I change it).

Natali is sleeping now. Once she gets up we will do a few errands.

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