Friday, November 19, 2010

Her favorite toy....any blanket

Finally up to 5 ounce bottles. Not every time, but most times. Even had a sixer yesterday.

Natali is doing well. Still not grabbing for stuff, but she is kicking a lot. She knows that those things down there are legs....and she wants to know how to use them.

As I type this she just hit one of the dangling toys above her head. I think she is reading over my shoulder.

She is able to sleep most of the way through the night. From 10:30PMish till 5:00AM ish.

One problem we are having is her thrashing about in the middle of the night between 3-4AM.

She is all swaddled up and content, but moves around a lot. At first I thought it was because her diaper was full and she was uncomfortable. We switched to night time diapers (thanks to Romy for the tip!) and well...last night she still thrashed around.

I picked her up and unswaddled her. She still trashed around....but was sleeping. I don't get it.  I held her in bed for a while. Guess she is just an "energetic sleeper".

New car seat arrived. She is so tiny in it. The same way she was tiny in her current car seat back in August.

Still waiting on the new stroller.

Finally a little rant. The company I pay to host my site is fairly large. All of my blogs live on a computer with hundreds of other blogs. One of those other blogs pissed off a black listing company that monitors spam and abuse of websites. That company blacklisted several of the computers at my hosting company. At our house we use AT&T for Internet. AT&T uses this company for blacklisting information. For two days I could not get to my site. Annoyed. My hosting company and AT&T would do nothing for me. It's fixed now, but I'm going to be moving hosting companies soon. Not a happy daddy.

More Natali pics soon.

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  1. Mine throws himself around in his sleep. He used to practically explode with energy in his sleep when he was tiny. And now he throws himself all over his crib in his sleep.
    He used to grunt too, the preemie-grunt, boy did that keep me up! Now he just groans and whines in his sleep.
    The nighttime diapers do make a difference though!