Sunday, November 28, 2010

She wants to roll

Natali wants to roll over.....she appears to anyway.

When I lay back in my chair and put her on my chest she will roll to one side. She purposely puts her arms back and shifts her weight to one side. Natali then rolls to the side and I catch her with my arm. Laughter and smiles follow.

When we place her on the floor there is a little negative transfer as she puts her arms back and squirms thinking the same thing will happen. Eh.

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Over the last week we spent quite a few days in Wylie with Eric, Angela and Marin. Natali was fine during the long (for us anyway!) 40 mile car ride. I think the new seat is definitely helping. Once at their house she did fine. On Thanksgiving Angela's mom watched Natali for quite a while. This was a welcome gift as it's nice to get a break every now and then. When her mom wasn't around on another visit, Angela was more than welcome to help out.

Nice 4 day weekend for Kelli. It was nice to be able to have Thanksgiving off....even if unpaid. Speaking of pay, my financial estimates weren't as accurate as I thought. Burned through 65% of my "unemployed" money and I'm only a little more than 40% through being unemployed. Gotta pull back te reins a bit.

Kelli still isn't in the blog updating mood. I figure she's about done with blogging. Her own blog has been untouched for over a year. Not her thing I guess.

We secured a spot for daycare starting January 3rd. Natali will be just shy of 5 months old then.

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