Thursday, December 2, 2010

Camera one....Camera two

Natali was born with a full head of black hair. Over time it's lightened up to a medium brown. It's all began thinning.

When she was two months old she didn't mind sleeping on her stomach. Over the last month though that has changed.

Natali now sees being on her stomach as playtime/work. She pushes herself up and struggles to move. She can no longer relax.

This has lead to her sleeping on her back almost all of the time. When she is on her back she has this odd mannerism of looking to the left....then to the right....then to the left. Over and over again. This constant motion has caused a bald band on the back of her head.

In addition to this mannerism there is the whole head movement thing, she squirms around a lot as well.

She tends to sleep better when swaddled up. However after an hour or two she starts the head turning thing and then starts to squirm. She has turned her body a full 180 degrees! The night before last she was hitting her head on the side of the crib. Not hard, but I could hear it on the monitor.

I end up picking her up and taking her to bed with me. When she is next to me she sleeps fine. Very little movement...just deep sleep.

Kelli and I aren't sure what to do with the head turning issue. I might try putting her down without being swaddled to see if she can sleep without waking herself up from moving around.

A new look will be coming to the site as there is no longer a byrd in the oven. A good friend gave us a domain name, It's working now, but just redirects to this site.

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