Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not sleeping

Technically Natali is sleeping through the night. We put her in her crib all swaddled up around 10PM after her last feeding. She appears to fall asleep. Between then and 5:30AM she never cries....but I don't think she sleeps much.

When I look back at the video she flops around every 30 minutes or so for about 3-4 minutes. I put her on one side of the crib and by morning she is on the other side....still swaddled up. She just inches her way over eventually stopping when her head is against the railing.

Throughout the night I wake up to the sounds of her flopping and kicking. Whenever she reaches the side of the crib (between 3:30AM and 5AM) the noises are louder as its her head hitting the crib rail. At this point I go down the hall and either move her (if its before 4:50AM) or take her with me back to our bed.

Once she is in our bed....she sleeps motionlessly on her back. I have had little luck putting her down on her back in her crib unless she is dead tired. Otherwise she flails around and wakes herself up.

I'm thinking its her mattress that's the issue. Maybe is not up to her liking softness wise. I don't want to buy a super soft mattress because....of the SIDS risk. If she is face down on a soft mattress her face would sick in. If on the current "*firm* mattress face down it's much more likely that she will still be breathing.

Going to do some research today.

We were going to go to Sacramento today but the flights were fullish. Ironically it looks like if I were solo....or if Natali was 5....we could have had First Class as it's more open than coach.

Oh well.

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