Monday, December 6, 2010

Our flight plan

Natali and I have two "flight plans". One where we stay home and cruise smoothly. The other is when we go out....that one sucks.

The smooth one has been ironed out. She wakes up around 5AM. I feed her, we watch the news and then she sleeps from 7AM till 9AM. I then feed her again, play around and she goes back to sleep around 10:30AM. She then sleeps till 1PM. She eats, plays and goes back to bed at 2:45PM. She then sleeps till around 4:00PM and by then Kelli is home. Natali is rested and in a good mood to play for a few hours before sleeping from 6PMish till 9PMish. She then eats for the final time, gets a night time diaper and outfit and goes to sleep between 10PM and 10:30PM.

If we go out or the plan is all goes out the window.

Yesterday Natali "woke up" around 8AM. I calmly asked Kelli if she intended on taking Natali out of bed...Kelli said she was as Natali was "awake". I sighed and let it be....knowing what would happen.

Natali was cranky for most of the day. We went out later and she just wasn't her normal self. Not her worst, but not normal.

Prior to Natali entering my life I thought my sister in law Jami was nuts. She would insist on my niece sleeping and taking naps and doing things around the nap schedule. I didn't get it. Why can't Haley (my niece) just power through it? A little extra sugar and a coke....let's roll. I now get it. Jami is still nuts (she does have Richmond genes after all) but I get more and more how she got that way.

So far this morning it's smooth sailing. It's 11:20AM. Natali did take an extra 2 ounces this morning. A little outside her norm, but I'm okay with it.

Natali is getting the idea of crawling. Chest is up and back legs wiggle...but she won't pick her but up. I'm not sure's the same small/flat but that Kelli has. If Natali had the ghetto large rump I possess....I would understand.

Natali is also enjoying the exersaucer we are borrowing. She is spending more time in there and turns herself around every now and then.

On another note, my lease on my car is coming up soon. I'm on the fence on what to do. Kelli REALLY wants me to keep the Mazda5. I see why. It's a good car. But I can't get this comment I heard a few months ago out of my head; "When you see a guy driving a Mini-van you know he's a guy who's had his nuts chopped off." I still have my nuts.

I am looking at a sedan (Kia Optima) or hatchback (Prius or Venza). Max price of $26,000 as I can't fathom spending more than that on a car. I've only done it once, my Acura which was $29,100. That really was a stretch. When I'm 40...yeah I will spend more. For now...nah.

Kelli thinks a sedan makes no sense. Mid-size sedans are the most popular car out there (even more than SUVs!). Eh. We will see.

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  1. People thought I was being antisocial because I would rarely do anything in the evenings that would interupt the bedtime routine/schedule. It is all about survival with the baby!! Outwit, outplay, outlast, etc. etc.

    She's so adorable - you guys make good lookin' babies... might as well improve the gene pool and make another! :D