Friday, December 3, 2010

Better night

Still having a problem with Natali and her schedule. If I take her out during the day, it means hours without sleep for her and a cranky baby later.

I schedule our outings to begin after she wakes up, eats and gets a new diaper. This way I have 2-3 hours till she gets tired/hungry again.

Doesn't help. She just wants to look around and...see. I like it as she is interactive and first.

Yesterday we went to a mall in Arlington. We walked around Sears, and baby stores and Macy's. I found a really pretty Christmas outfit for her at Macy's for just $ even had built in footies! I picked it up and looked at it...which meant I stopped walking. Natali began throwing a fit. I then began walking in circles looking out the outfit. I wanted it. Problem....cashier line was long. I began looking for another line. Natali didn't care for moving now...or sitting still. "It" was on.

She was on a level 9 screaming/crying fit. It had only been 90 minutes since she last ate....but it was a hungry mixed with a tired cry.

I put the outfit back on the rack and headed out of the store. After making a bottle I fed her. She was happy and took two ounces. Time for a diaper.

The first "Family" bathroom I found was locked...must have been in use. We waited for 3-4 minutes. Nothing. Time to find a new one.

Natali was fine....until we got in the bathroom. She then started again.

Her crying doesn't bother me/stress me out much. Not at all when we are in our own room (the family restroom I found was private). I changed her diaper and then we headed to the food court.

Holding her in my arms and letting her stand made her happy. She watched a Merry-Go-Round for a few minutes.

She took another ounce and was ready to leave.

I had hoped to find a pillow of some type to help her balding. The "Summer Baby Positioner" has been recalled due to a SIDS risk. Nothing out there. Boo.

Once home I got to thinking. She used to sleep in her basinette on top of a really soft blanket. She was swaddled up so only her head/sides of her face rested on the blanket.

In her crib there was no blanket, just a bare mattress with a sheet.

Last night I laid her (swaddled up of course) on top of a similar soft blanket. Much better night.

I turned on the movement monitor in case she rolled over. No problems. Better night.

Natali didn't wake up until 5:15AM. I think it might have been the sound of Kelli in the shower. Either way, a better night.

This time next week Natali will spend the weekend in Sacramento being adored by family.


  1. Darren....I promise you the bald patch on the back of her head will grow back soon. It happens to all babies. As soon as she gains more movement she'll toss and turn like we do and not do the head rubbing back and forth and the hair will thicken up and come back in. She sounds like she's just one of those very active sleepers. She's such a cutie pie =) I know you guys are going to SO enjoy your first Christmas with her! My daughter was 3 1/2 months at Christmas time and we laid her in her Boppy pillow "under" the tree and watched her get excited and enthralled by the lights. You might try it.

    Oh...tell Kelli I said "hi"!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I agree with Cyndie - it does grow back! :)
    Lucas had it - I thought from his daycare leaving him in a bouncy on his back most of the day though since he usually slept against me all night.
    Then he got cradle cap and it all fell out anyway!

    So happy she had a great night of sleep!! It can wear a parent down when their little ones refuse to sleep!
    Maybe you can go back to get the outfit tomorrow? Do a run-in-grab-n-go thing?

  3. Love the boogers in this picture! Up the nose shots don't work with little ones!