Thursday, December 16, 2010

90th percentile

I took Natali in for her 4 month Doctor visit on Tuesday.

Not too hip with our Doctor. Nice enough guy...seems burned out. Doesn't talk much, just goes through the motions.

Natali weighed 15 pounds 10 ounces at 26 inches tall with a head circumference of 16.7 inches. Her percentiles according to are:

Length = above percentile 95

Weight = between percentile 75 and 90

Head Circumference = between percentile 75 and 90.

Big girl. I asked if she was overweight/fat, he stated she wasn't.

I attempted giving Natali her first solid food yesterday (after discussing it with the Doctor who said it was fine). It went about as bad as could be expected.

She sat in her high chair all happy. I put very small amounts on the spoon and into her mouth. Maybe 10-20% went down. Most came down her chin and onto the bib. I could have squeezed the bib and gotten a good 3 ounces back.

Over the last week or so Natali has been "talking" a lot...especially after eating. She will "talk" for for 2-10 minutes. If I talk back to her she talks more and will mimic my sounds. The video was shot with my phone....better to listen and not watch as it's a little...a lot shaky.


Natali is into her sleep pattern firmly. Happy for me.

For the last two months I have tracked all her feedings and droppings. Looking back...she's pretty regular. I'm going to cease recording the data. It was an interesting experiment.

I think Natali has a true baby book. I haven't seen it. This blog is, in my opinion, better than a baby book as it has more data.


  1. precious, precious, precious!! makes me want to see her again.

  2. Sweet baby! I bet she talks super early!
    Sounds like she's got a lot to say!