Thursday, March 31, 2011

She can breathe clearly now the crap is gone

Natali is MUCH better now. The breathing treatments are really helping. We are going to continue them even after we think she is cured, just to make sure.

Each of the last two mornings has been great for her. No congestion. Very little coughing.....and no wheezing.

Natali truly seems happier. This afternoon she was "talking", laughing and making faces at us for over an hour.

Her personality does seem to be a good mix of the two of us. She loves to laugh, yet is content just laying in her bed staring.

Finally, I bought Natali a new traveling shirt. It was a bit expensive, but I couldn't find anything like it online, so I had to buy it at the DFW Airport employee store. At least I know that she will never be embarrassed by seeing another baby wearing the same shirt.

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