Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Still coughing

Natali is still coughing....going on two months now. It's not as much as she used to cough....but it's still there.

The coughing is worse in the middle of the night when she is in a deep sleep. Giving her a little water helps....most of the time.

The Doctor still stated it was normal and nothing could be done.

In the morning when I give her the first bottle of the day there is a 30% chance she will get a coughing fit bad enough to cause her to spit up all the formula. It upsets her for a bit. I'm going to switch to the "Sensitive Stomach" formula for her first bottle.

She can stand for about 5 seconds pretty regularly. Of course she only does it once. As soon as she realizes she is standing unassisted she will hold on to us or something else from that point on. She just needs a little more confidence.

Her crib gymnastics are getting extreme. She will spin, roll over. wiggle around and I swear she did a back flip once. Yesterday I walked in to see her in the corner banging the old baby monitor receiver against the side of the crib. Yeah I took it out.

I took Natali to her first aviation museum yesterday. Admission is free since I work for the company that owns the museum...I'm sure this was the first of many visits.

On a personal note, I turned 34 this week. Kelli asked what I wanted. For the first time in years I can't think of anything. I have a beautiful wife who laughs at my silly jokes, supports my choice in career and let's me claim her as my own. We have a wonderful healthy baby who happens be just as beautiful. We have a house we call are own. I am set....and very thankful.

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  1. Just my two-cents on the cough... the humidifier helps both me and my sprout at night with our coughs. (both recovering from bronchitis)
    The air in our homes can be pretty dry and make us cough cough cough like mad at night!
    I hope her cough goes away super fast!