Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pink eye

Natali has conjunctivitis (pink eye).  It's a pretty mild case, but we got some ointment for it anyway.  The doctor said to wait to use it since the pink eye might go away on it's own.  I used it once last night and this morning she seemed fine, no crusty eyes.  Yay!  Daycare is a wonderful thing for working parents, but I could really do without the germs and sickness.  I mentioned to the doctor I was glad she was at least only part time and he said it didn't matter, "part time daycare, still full time germs".  Nice.  Well, I'm glad she's only part time anyway.  It's really nice to have Darren able to stay home with her for 2 days each week.  Of course, the days she is sick and he is out of town make it harder.  I had to take a sick day on Friday so we could see the doctor.  Hopefully next time Darren will be around when she is sick, then he can take a sick day.  He has a lot more sick time than I do.  I only get 5 days a year.  I have never needed to use them all, but I have a feeling I might need them this year.  I've already taken 2 days, so only 3 left for 9 months.  At least with my job I can make up the time on a weekend if I don't have days left, but that is harder now too.  With Darren staying home during the week he is often gone on the weekend and I can't work anyway.  I tried it last weekend when we were up against a deadline.  I took Natali up to work with me for a couple of hours.  I put a blanket on the floor with her toys and she sat and played for a long time.  I had her bouncer chair too, and she spent some time in that as well.  We made it 2 good hours before she decided she had enough.  Luckily that was about all I needed to get the important stuff done.  A lot of times there is work that I can just take home and do, so that is helpful.  It's easier to work at home with a baby than take her and all her stuff out of the house.

During the last month or so Natali has become Miss Grabby Hands.  She will grab at anything and everything she can possibly reach.  This has led to a few incidents of slobbered on papers and one entire cup of Diet Coke, with ice, being dumped on her and me and the couch.  We have to be extremely careful with her now, and she isn't even mobile yet!  I am really concerned about what happens when she starts crawling and walking.  Our entire house is a child hazard, and we have yet to do any childproofing except for baby gates (which were put in because of dogs, not kids).  Things may get really interesting here in the next couple of months.  I think we will end up just childproofing as we see a need.  Natali will quickly let us know what we need to put away or secure when she starts moving.

Making baby food is still fun.  I have learned a lot and Natali is doing well.  She still eats the jar food at daycare and I'm fine with that.  They have fed her a few things that I just can't bring myself to make (green beans).  Between here and there she is getting a wide range of foods and is eating fairly well.  We recently started her on the little cereal puffs and she is finally getting those in her mouth with regularity.  Yesterday I bought her some larger puffs, shaped like cheetos.  The package said they were good for crawlers, which is about her age.  I was concerned about choking at first, but they still dissolve, so it's not a problem.  Natali really likes them.  I think she prefers finger foods to being spoon fed.  I will have to see what else I can give her.  I'm not too sure what else is ok at this point besides pieces of banana.  I will probably try that with her today.  Suggestions on other items are happily accepted. :)


  1. Have you tried the teething biscuits? They make a horrible mess sometimes but babies seem to just love gnawing on them!!
    At 8mos I started making tiny meatballs using left-over rice cereal that I had. Mixing ground chicken or turkey with pureed veggies and using the cereal to thicken it. Tiny little meatballs! Then baked 'em in the oven and he could gnaw on them. They were so soft they practically fell apart. He loved them.

  2. Hey Kelli happy to hear the pink eye is gone. Daycare has all kinds of germs my kids are always sick. I cannot believe she is 8 months already that went so quickly. As far as the baby finger foods there is a section in babies r us that has all crawler friendly foods. My kids were the same way they did not love to eat off the spoon they had a do it myself kind of an attitude. Gianna was on pure table food at 9 mos the pediatrician said it was fine. There is this strainer with a handle thing that babies r us sells. You can put whatever you want in it and it latches closed (it's a mesh strainer with a handle) . Natali will get the food out in small pieces. It's a mess but they love it and you don't have to worry about choking . You can even use frozen fruits when they are teething . Canned peaches ,pear, mango and Melon are very soft and they come apart in their mouth . I used to buy the organic ones in natural juices and water from the health food store or the organic Ailse . Also they sell Veggie and pasta soups no salt added. I would just heat up and strain out all of the solid pieces it's usually corn, green beans ,carrot ,potato, peas and pasta it's pretty soft and it has some flavor so she may like it. Bread, cheerios ,zwieback toast , club crackers , avocado, string cheese ( if you stick it in the microwave for a couple sec it gets mushy enough to come apart in their mouth) egg yolks , yogurt puffs gerber makes them ....just some ideas she may be a little young still but maybe in time ......see you soon