Monday, March 7, 2011

Back in the skies: Flying with a 6 month old

Natali hasn't flown anywhere all year. Crazy for the daughter of a pilot. Sunday we took a trip to see Grandpa.

True we could have driven the 4 hours to his house like normal people. But I only have two weekend DAYS (both Sundays) off this month. Driving wasn't an option.

Since it was a day trip we only packed clothes and supplies for Natali (in a small diaper backpack) and a computer bag with our Ipads. That's it.

Even with just two things...we used up 5 security bins since I was a "normal" person and not a pilot. The first trip through Dallas I left our Ipads behind. Thankfully it wasn't busy and no one stole them. Ugh.

We flew on American Eagle to Hobby from Dallas on a ERJ. We were a little worried her car seat wouldn't fit. Nope fit fine. Any parents worried about a Britax car seat fitting on a regional jet...they at least fit on ERJ's.


I rented a full size from Hertz. Hertz is my second favorite rental company. They are great as they post your name on a board with the car your rented if you join their club. This makes it easy to get in and out. I prefer National as I like to pick my own car. Hertz assigned me a Toyota Camry. Boring...but fine.

We spent the afternoon with my dad. He had not seen Natali since she was two months old.

Natali was a little fussy as she wasn't used to her Grandpa.

6monthsstanding1 6monthsstanding2 6monthsstanding3

She didn't sleep much at all. With her awake we trotted off to lunch.

Natali sat in a high chair for the first time last week when we ate dinner with Eric, Angela and Marin. She did fine so we were fine with her sitting in one again.

Off course Natali is Miss grabby hands. Eh.

After lunch Natali crashed. Slept a good two and a half hours.

The flight back was out of Bush Intercontinental. On the way we stopped by too see my mom. Hard to believe it's almost been 11 years.

Bush is a bigger airport than Hobby. We were glad travel is light on Sundays...all the damn bins. Would have been less in the summer as we would not have been wearing jackets.

With that done I will say this. While it's perfectly legal to carry children under two on your lap while flying, it makes me uneasy. I've been through moderate turbulence (few people have been through severe...if people ended up in the hospital it was just moderate). I know how much things can get tossed around. We aren't planning on bringing a car seat for our flight to Miami in April. Kinda uneasy about it. Currently pondering alternatives.

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