Monday, January 3, 2011

She smelled different

Day one of day care done.

I came home and just sat for a while. Not sure how I felt about leaving her at day care. I didn't feel good sitting at home alone. Haven't been alone in a long time.

I kept myself busy for a bit, but I kept watching the clock. I said I would pick her up between 2:30 and 3PM.

Ten minutes to 2PM I left home. Had to make one stop at Autozone then straight to the day care. I was very impatient at Autozone. Took 7 minutes to check out. I counted each minute.

When I arrived Natali wasn't in the room I was told she would be in. I looked back in the room I dropped her off in. I didn't see her. I started to walk back to the front when an employee motioned me into the room while holding a baby she was feeding.

After taking off my shoes I walked in and saw Natali sitting in a bouncer seat facing away from the window. She looked dazed....sleepy. I picked her up and spoke with the employee. They said Natali was quiet most of the day. She handed me her sheet for the day showing when she ate, diapers and mood. I was given her bottles and I left.

The first thing I noticed....Natali smelled different. I've cuddled with her for almost 5 months. Suddenly her scent was different. It bothered me.

When we got home she was a little more alert. I washed her hands and face. They weren't dirty....maybe it was my way of changing her scent.

We played in the living room for a bit before she got hungry. Three ounces later and she was ready for a nap.

She slept for about an hour.

Natali is now eating again. Kelli is feeding her.

We are going to try it again tomorrow. We will go at least 3 days this week. I know it will take time to adjust.

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  1. That's funny you mention her smell - not funny haha - just interesting. That was the first thing that I noticed about mine after his first day at daycare - he smelled different. A cross between Lysol and other people.

    It annoyed me, I gave him a bath after daycare every day for a few weeks so he smelled like he was mine all mine again. :)

    Hang in there!