Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just like that

Last week we were swaddling Natali and using a pacifier often.

This week she is sleeping on her back unswaddled and rarely uses a pacifier. Just like that.

Day two of day care done. I will have to accept a few things from the "reports" from the day care:

1) They have several kids to watch and aren't as meticulous as I was about noting eating/sleeping/diaper times

2) Natali really is sleeping more than the 2 hours recorded per day

3) Natali may or may not be finishing 4 ounce bottles in 20 minutes

Natali seems happy when I pick her up....a little dazed but happy.

The report today stated she ate 4 ounces at 2PM. I arrived at 2:25PM. Maybe she finished at 2PM. Bleh.

It is nice not having to swaddle her. She seems to sleep better unswaddled.

I start training next week. Natali will go to day care for real Monday and Tuesday. I don't have to be at training until Noon on Monday. I will likely take her in around 9...maybe 10.

Not sure I will get use to this.

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  1. To be honest, the "reports" at daycare are one of the biggest complaints that I have - they fill them all out at once with the exact same info on and then put the kids names on them. (at least for toddlers) then they don't always put the accurate meal information on his... my menu says they're having nuggets, they actually have burritos and it is written on his "report" that he had nuggets. He has food allergies so this is a huuuuge weekly argument for me!

    The thing is that no one can take care of our babies as well as we can!! Be strong dad!!