Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our blog got hacked!

Scary moment last night. Loaded up the blog and thought "OMG Our blog has been hacked!" Why? Well Kelli hasn't updated this blog in months. So when I saw the last post wasn't one of mine I thought we had been hacked. Nope Kelli updated. Wow.

If I had a Million dollars I would still go to work, because I love my job...and the benefits. The amount we traveled last year alone was worth over $10,000......the year prior we traveled First Class to Tokyo. First Class tickets go for over $4,000 each way. Anyways.

At first it appeared as though Natali slept in a bouncer at daycare. I didn't think she'd ever been in a crib. Kinda bothered by this. This was just temporary as this week she has been in a crib. I think the staffing was high enough last week. This week there are double the number of employees in the infant/toddler area.

Natali is sick. I am sick. I don't think I have what Natali has though.

I worked three days in a row this week. All classroom training. The man next to me was sick. Coughed a ton. I think I have what he had. Thanks for sharing scumbag.

A few months ago Eric and Angela lent us a car seat. At the time I couldn't find the LATCH cables. I looked...allegedly read the manual. Nothing. Today I re-read the manual....and then looked where the manual stated the cables were stored....and they were there! Pays to read eh?

Natali is 5 months old now. Still not rolling over. We know she can. Bleh.

We sent off for Natali's passport last week. Her first scheduled use of the passport is in April. We (meaning Natali and I) might jet off before that. Maybe.

This weekend the North American Autoshow opens. We wanted to go. Snow in the forecast. Still debating. We will decide sometime tomorrow. I've gone every year since I worked for an airline.

Natali has started eating less since she went to day care. Maybe we (meaning I) were feeding her too much? Four ounce bottles are the norm except for the first bottle of the day which might be a five ounce bottle.

It's been a fast five months. Natali is incredibly tall. It's hard to remember when she was small. Lots of photos have been taken. I know not enough shared. I will work on that.


Glad Kelli is updating. Hope she keeps it up.

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