Monday, January 3, 2011

She found her thumb

Sometime over the last week Natali has discovered her thumb. She's been putting everything in her mouth of the last few weeks. Natali has sucked on her hands for a while, apparently she has decided the thumb is the best.

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Kelli and I were a little concerned about having a thumb sucker. Various sources say it's nothing to worry about in children this young. So we won't.

Today was is the first day of day care for Natali. It's a trial run.

There was a large amount of items we needed to bring. Being a Monday morning after a holiday, Kelli and I decided to wait until 7AM to bring Natali in. The day care opens at 6:30AM. We wanted to avoid the rush.

When we arrived it was quiet. Only one other child was in the morning room. I held Natali while Kelli finished up a little paperwork. Natali's teacher wouldn't arrive until 7:30AM. We left Natali with the teacher in the morning room along with a duffle bag full of stuff.

I am going to pick her up at 2:00PM today....if I can wait that long. It's very odd to be in the house alone. I thought I would enjoy it. Not so much. Even after 2 months of non-stop care, I don't really want a break.

Today is my first day back to work, but I'm not going. There are lot of rules and regulations about pilots. I have to have yearly training on my plane. If I miss the training within 12 months I have one "oops" month to get it done. My normal month in November. My "oops" month is December. It's now January, so I am no longer qualified to fly my plane. This just means I have to have a little extra training. Still waiting to get word on when I head back. I am going to start buzzing in the ear of the training department.

Last week we got rid of the Mazda5. It was a good car, but the lease was going to be up soon. It was Kelli's turn for a new car so we bought a 2010 Prius. I took over her 2004 Prius. No more sliding doors for us. It's already been a little odd. I am sure we will get used to it. Since it's just the 3 of us, we don't need a big car anyway.

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