Sunday, November 6, 2011

Free Museum Day

Natali is sick again. She had a good run.

She's been coughing since Wednesday. Had a fever since Thursday.  She's been pretty good today. She doesn't eat as much as she normally does. Hopefully tomorrow is better than today.

Bank of America has a sponsorship/deal with Museums across the United States. The first weekend of each month all Bank of America card holders get in free. Simple. Just show your card. So we did.

We went back to the Dallas Museum of Natural Science and History which includes the Children's Museum.

Natali had fun again. She really enjoyed the soft play room. After about an hour she was ready to head home.

Her speech set is getting so big we can't keep count of her solid words.

Natali tries to repeat many of the words we use. Sometimes she's close with her new words, "alright, Lets go"...but sometimes she no where close...still cute.

She has had problems using the word "more" lately. Natali uses the word "more" while signing it for way too many things. She uses "more" to say she wants something. We just don't know what she wants. Natali gets very frustrated when she can't communicate what she wants....which is good in that she learns words fast.

Hard to believe it's been 15 months since she entered our lives.

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