Sunday, November 20, 2011

A lot happens in 6 days

I (Darren) am finally flying again. Back to the

My first trip back was 6 days long. Very abnormal. I didn't care to be gone that long.

Kelli and I video called a few times and I thought that was sufficient. Nope. When I returned I was surprised at just how much Natali changed in those 6 days. Natali had a new word, longer hair and was just older. Eh.

Natali's internal clock is just like mine. Set in stone. No matter what time she goes to bed, Natali is up at either 5:30AM or 6:30AM. One of the other, never in between on her own. When I saw 5:30AM..I mean on the dot. Not 5:28AM or 5:31AM....5:30AM.

Great on weekdays...but weekends....yeah.

Natali's walking is going very well. She can walk at a rapid pace without falling. No running yet.

Over the weekend we went to a Little Gym for a birthday party. This was the second time at a Little Gym for Natali. She did much better the second time around.

The first time she wasn't walking much and just cried the entire time.

This time she cried at first when we entered the gym area. Natali likes to scope out new areas from a distance.

Natali just hung out in our arms for the first 15 minutes or so...taking it all in. Profiling each person in the room.

After pizza and cake she was ready to go. Social and full of energy.

I've noticed this same behavior at mall play areas and parks. Guess it's a good thing, better cautious than dangerous.

Natali's 15 month check up went okay. She has a pretty good memory. She knows the Dr and he never gives her he was fine with him. When the nurse came in Natali started screaming bloody murder. The nurse always gives shots. Yeah.

Natali is in the 50th percentile for height and weight at 31.8 inches and 23 pounds. Her head size is off the charts though...big head on her shoulders...literally.

Kelli and I escaped to Los Angeles for the day to visit the LA Autoshow. Her mom was in town and watched Natali. Only our 2nd kid free day since Natali was born.

I've been to the LA Autoshow every year for the last 3. This was the second time for Kelli. I loved it. She liked it. I sat in my next car for the first time. A Volvo XC60. SUV...with the option of built in child booster seats! Best thing is I can order the exact car I want, pick it up in Europe, drive it around in Europe and then have it shipped to the United States. I just have to wait till 2014.....when the Prius will be paid off.

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