Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks for killing the light there buddy

Natali had her first REAL Thanksgiving this year.

Again we spent Thanksgiving dinner with our friends the Eric and Angela and their family.

Last year Natali was there of course, but she really couldn't eat anything.

She was able to eat this year though...and boy did it do a number on her.

Lots of dirty diapers today. More than 5 so far....normally she's a 2 a day dumper.

Speaking of diapers. Eric clued me on something I truly didn't know.

I always assumed that when a kid is potty trained it's an A to Z training. Once done the kid is in no more parental assistance.

Eric and Angela's daughter Marin is almost 5 and will be starting school next year. Before she goes she has to be able to use the restroom solo. At first I was like , well she's potty trained so that's not an issue right? Wrong. Parental help is still needed to "tidy up" the kiddo.

That's when the light at the end of the diaper tunnel grew dim. I was eagerly awaiting starting potty training next year and being free from poop that's not mine. Nope. Several more years of poop ahead apparently. I am now 110% positive Natali is the only kid I need. I don't mind dirty diapers...but it's not something I will list on "things I like to do".

Natali had a good time at Thanksgiving though. After about 6 minutes she warmed up to them and was fine. She enjoyed watching Marin run around the room. For a while Natali was doing circles in the living room in front of everyone, she enjoys being the center of attention.


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