Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanks for screaming!

When we first started brushing Natali's teeth it was easy....for me anyway.

For whatever reason she let me brush her teeth more than Kelli. Not a big deal, it was being done. I could do her entire mouth and she smiled the entire time.

Over the last two weeks though it hasn't been easy.

Natali knows what "brush teeth" means. She brings her fingers to her mouth and wiggles her fingers. Natali then walks (most of the time) to the bathroom. That's where the happiness stops.

Natali watches as we put the training toothpaste on the toothbrush. She is smiling most of the time. She continues smiling...tight lipped when the toothbrush is brought to her mouth. No amount of coaxing helps. Natali just smiles and shakes her head "no".

Fine down on the floor we go.

Natali then begins screaming and crying....which actually helps as now her mouth is open. We brush her teeth slowly and sing to her. Natali screams nonetheless. Once done she walks out of the room dazed...as though she was in a fight. Silly child.

Hopefully the screaming fights will end....someday.

She does have one good hygenic habit.

Natali LOVES to wash her hands. She loves water in general but whenever she hears a faucet one she moves her hands in a hand washing motion and walks over. Oh my little OCD

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