Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There's an App for that

Several years ago Fry's Electronics sold a brand of network video camera called Airlink. They were cheap, but reliable.

The current Airlink cameras have been watching over us (literally) for at three years non stop. They just work.

Fry's has since stopped selling the brand. Booo as I want more!

Anyways I moved the pan and tilt camera from the front to above Natali. Why? Well I rarely moved the camera. At least in her room it can move around when she gets to the age of playing around more.

Viewing the cameras was easy enough via a laptop or Ipad. The Ipad would never save the password...which is a bit annoying. So I got to searching. Sure enough Airlink released a iOs app! Now we have one click access to the camera. Super convenient.

The app allows us to move the camera via the four arrows. We can also listen in via the speaker icon on the left and we can talk through the camera (once I install a small speaker in the room) via the ear icon on the right.

Tomorrow is Natali's six month check up. Tomorrow night her grandmother is coming in town. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

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