Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random stuff

I am off work today, not by choice, but because of this nasty weather.  My company actually closed until noon, which seems silly because this weather will definitely not be getting better later.  They may change it to a full day, but I will not be there regardless.  My daycare is actually open today, but I was not going to take a chance and go out in this weather.  I called up there to tell them Natali wouldn't be in today and was told they didn't have any infant teachers at the moment anyway.  I asked if there were any kids there, and she said there was 1 infant there, but the baby's mother got her car stuck trying to leave the daycare.  It's kind of nice that they stay open even in conditions like this because there are some people that just can't skip work no matter what.  If it were just me I would probably have tried to go this morning.  I've done it before.  These days I always have to think about Natali first though.  Darren is currently stuck in Milwaukee.  His flight is going on 3 hours late now.  He should get here at some point today, but DFW is shut down right now, so we'll see how long it takes him.  Me, Natali, and the dogs are just hunkered down in the house right now trying to keep warm.  It's so cold my dog door froze shut!  Now I have to keep getting up to let the dogs out.  It's a good thing they are lazy and hate cold weather.  I pretty much have to force them out the door to make them go to the bathroom.

Anyway, in other news my adventures in baby food continue.  We have tried several different things with Natali.  She has eaten butternut squash and sweet potatoes, both of which she really enjoys.  She has also had bananas and apples.  She really wasn't a big fan of either of those, but she did eat them.  She made a lot of faces with the apples though.  I wonder if I need to change the type of apple I am feeding her.  I read a list of good apples for babies, but my apples aren't on that list.  Darren got them for me and he wasn't sure which ones to get.  The ones I made were pink lady apples.  They are really flavorful.  I'm thinking maybe a more bland apple would be better for her right now.  Last night I made sweet peas.  I haven't fed them to Natali yet, but I will later today.  The peas were the hardest to make so far because I couldn't get the puree very smooth.  It was really gritty.  I ended up mashing the puree through a strainer to remove the larger bits and make it smoother.  That wasn't an ideal solution though.  It took a while to strain.  I will have to look into that a bit more.  Perhaps someone out there has a suggestion on those for me?

Also, this morning I learned you can never be sure if the pooping is finished.  Natali woke up at 6am and I went into her room to get her up.  I was greeted with a smile and the distinctive sound of a poop in progress.  Nice.  I got her up and immediately went to change her diaper.  It was pretty messy.  Darn the baby food!  It makes all poops really gross.  I started cleaning her up and quickly pulled the dirty diaper out from under her to put the new one on.  Just a second after I had pulled the diaper away Natali pooped again.  It was projectile poop!  Thankfully my hands and body were not in the way of it.  The poop exploded out of her butt and literally shot across the room.  I ended up having to clean up Natali, the changing pad, the changing table, and the carpet.  So gross!  I couldn't help but laugh though.  It is amazing the crazy situations that parents get into.  I will have to steam clean the carpet when Darren gets home.  After the poop explosion I fed Natali and put her right into the bathtub.  It was bath day anyway.  I'm just waiting for the day when the poop explosion happens while she is in the tub.  I'm sure that is a common problem many parents have faced.  Darren would be horrified if something like that were to happen on his watch.  I think it would be hysterical. :-)


  1. Projectile pooping! That's funny! I've had a few tub-subs here and they're pretty gross - but you do just have to laugh sometimes! The bedtime explosions are not so much fun - the ones that require changing bedding! Ahh being a parent is fun isn't it!

    I struggled with peas - I've been told that taking super hot peas and putting them into ice water can help to make them easier to puree. I wound up just popping them out of their shells - it took AGES! But he didn't like them anyway so I skipped to the next veggie until he could eat stuff with more texture!

  2. I want to see the post when Darren experiences is!